Recipe: Potato soup with scallops

I love cooking and i will post a recipe now and then - when i come across or create a dish that is worth sharing.

This is one of my favorit soups.


You will need:

4 large baking potatoes
7 dl herbal or chicken stock ( can be less )
2 yellow onions
4 leeks
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 cups cream
Sea salt, freshly ground black pepper
8 scallops
1 teaspoon olive oil

If you are really daring:
Sprinkle some wasabi peas on top.

Peel the potatoes, cut them into cubes and put them in a pot with 7 cups boiling water or a good herbal or chicken stock if you want stronger flavor of the soup - otherwise tastes great by itself.

Chop the onions coarsely, cut the white of the leek - and put it into the pot. Let the soup simmer for 10 minutes. Blend it now (easiest with hand blender) with hot milk and 2 tablespoons canola oil, season with salt and pepper.

Rub the scallops with oil and grill them about. 10 sec. on each side on a scorching forehead. Pour the hot soup into warm plates and top with scallops, oil dripping and wasabi peas.

Happy New Years!

I wanted to take this time to say Happy New Years to everyone and a special thanks to all the people that has influenced me this year and those that i have worked with - making my life that much more colorful. But the biggest thanks goes to my husband who is always there to support me and make everyday special!

Happy New Years!


Christmas 2012

So here we are - christmas is over and it has been fun, awesome, sad, cheerful and joyfull! It was only me and Simon this year but we had fun Skyping with our family back home! Never have we been to so many christmas' :D

I took some images of the festivities:


Thanks to Tapjoy

Just wanted to say thanks to the guys at Tapjoy for having 7 crazy BSS students running around asking 1000 questions and supporting us!


Boston Startup School Graduates 60 New Students

Erika Gordon moved to Boston because she realized she wanted to be part of something new.

Brian Dant left his job to learn web application development.

Samantha Tackeff was one of Square’s earliest team members, before she decided to return to Boston to give back to the community she grew up in.

The thread that holds the three together?Boston Startup School—where they met as members of the program’s Fall 2012 class.


The School’s 60 students pitched to attendees from 82 companies today as part of the second Student Exposé, sharing their minute-long stories on who they are, where they came from and why they were eager to join the city’s entrepreneurially-minded ecosystem.

“I’m incredibly proud to introduce these 60 amazing individuals,” said Boston Startup School Co-Founder and CEO Aaron O’Hearn, before the class went up to pitch. “These guys just started out as individuals, but now they’re a cohesive team.”

Students were split into four tracks: Product Design, Software Development, Marketing and Sales & Business Development. Over the course of six weeks, they went through a series of workshops, all to learn what it takes to work at an early-stage startup.

TechStars Boston Managing Director Katie Rae kicked off the Exposé by reminding the crowd why she decided to start the School with O’Hearn and Project 11 Managing Director Reed Sturtevant in the first place. Too often, they were hearing TechStars companies say, “We don’t have enough young talent.” Or, “The young talent we do have don’t know what to do when they arrive, so we’re afraid to hire them.”

“We knew we could teach people what it takes to work at an early-stage startup,” Rae said. “The first session went really well. We thought, ‘This experiment worked, let’s try another one.’” She followed up by admitting, “A bunch of these students quit, likely, cush jobs and decided to change their lives.”

Ben Snow confirmed Rae’s assumptions, saying in his pitch, “At the age of 38, I’ve been given the gift of rebirth.”

The first Boston Startup School class claimed the program changed their lives during this summer’s Exposé. Yet, fellow Co-Founder and Dean of Students Shaun Johnson admitted, “To see it before, ‘This must be luck.’ But to do it again; it was a team effort.”

Rae claimed cities from around the country have been approaching Boston Startup School, asking, “Hey, can you do that here?” And while the team considers how they can manage that, O’Hearn said they will be hosting a third session come February.

As Johnson says, “I think this is just the beginning of relationships, hiring opportunities and fire power for Boston.”

And we can’t help but agree.

Org. source: Here

A Gift for my Sister

So my sister has a birthday comming up and i wanted to give her something i knew she had been wanting since she saw the first pair i made for myself. So now they are on their way to her in Denmark and hopefully they will be on time!

Happy Birthday sis! <3


Settling In

So moving to another country and moving into an empty home can be a bit scary - But as time goes and you start settling in you see how great it can be to start all over sometimes. I just finished unpacking all my hobby paraphernalia into our spare room that we are gonna use as a workstation. I'v never had an extra room for this so this is just fantastic and I don't know how i'v ever lived without one before! :D


Socks and then some more socks!

Let the sock adventure begins! Each year i ask my dad what he wants for christmas - and each year he tells me "ohh i don't know - socks - so the last couple of years i'v started to make him knitted socks in every color known to man! And each time it puts a big smile on his face. So this is the beginning of a new smile :)


Christmas gifts

So before you know it - it is christmas and you start to panic - all the presents that you where going to make is now the bigget nightmare and you aren't going to make it unless and miracle comes by you - that is why this year i'v started already! :D

I'v started scrapbooking all the idears i get online and in magazines into a big book so it's easier for me to figure out what to make for everyone! ( i'll take a picture later so you can see the book )

The stuff that takes the longest is all the knitting - so i'v started there.


The Duck and Bunny visit

So after spending some time here last time we visited - we were recomended this great little place down by Wickenden street and we just had to come back again this time around.


The service and food are great - but this time around we wanted to try their new creation = Crêpezza. 
So if your ever in the neighborhood - don't cheat yourself for a fun time at the Duck and Bunny!

Moving to the states!

Well this will be my very first post - made in the USA after moving here! It's all very different but it's already starting to feel very homey :)

Now i will finaly have some time to finish this new website and getting started on posting and maybe even some freebies very soon!


Everything is gone

So all my old posts from the other blog i had - is gone - so i'll have to start all over - so this will be a fresh start indeed!


New website

Just got my new page live with Squarespace. I must say, it's a really nice CMS and blogging tool !

It helped iron out some weird kinks with the old website. I have a bunch of new work I will be uploading in the coming weeks.

Hope you enjoy :)